हमारे बारे

The general notion is that, when you open your eyes to news, the words that strike you are rape, crime and corruption that leads you towards negativity. However, the world is not entirely negative.

We aim to deliver the facts as they sit. We hope to change the perception of our people towards a more positive future. How there is equivalent positive happening in our country, that doesn’t come to our attention.

Every fact from every street at every moment will be open to our knowledge. We aims to create a platform for our youth who are willing to revolutionize journalism.  Creating a positive environment is the key to better future and we shall strive hard to achieve this.

Our Mission :-

Our mission is to create an unconventional platform to showcase all facts and positive happenings of our society.

To be the nexus between old experience and young thoughts.

To create a change in the perception towards journalism in our country.


Vision :-

Our mission is to connect with every citizen with facts, positivity and opportunity.